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About Us

Supplying Hand-Made Products for Over 20 Years

Himalayan Group Inc./K & P CRAFT has been supplying a range of hand-made exportable quality products from Nepal for over 20 years. We work directly with the producers and assist in the design and production of all our products for guaranteed and standard quality.

Visit Our New Location!

111 W. Las Tunas Dr.  San Gabriel, CA, 91776 

Visiting Hours:
M–F 9am–5pm PST

Himalayan Helping Hand

Striving for Excellence

We are committed to delivering the best products to our valued customers at the most competitive prices.

Our endeavor is combining this market standard with the natural resources of the Himalayas and providing our touch of hand-made quality craftsmanship in the delivery of a unique product. We take pride in coordinating the production and marketing of the products both globally and locally.

Outpacing the Competition

We work with carriers across the world for faster, more reliable delivery times. Our goal is to provide the top tier of service available for all our customers. Our carriers include: 


Bringing the Touch of Nepal Around the World

We strive to deliver quality products both locally and globally and are committed to excellence at every step.