Shipping and Returns

Shipping Information

All shipping is calculated after you place your order. We will contact you about your total charge after we receive the order.Shipping will be free in USA for Retail order. shipping time will be week to Ten days when we will received the order. We use UPS for shipping.

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges for the original purchase won’t be refunded. The shipping charge for the return would be the responsibility of the customer wanting to return the item. We will not charge for the shipment fee of the replaced shipment.

Return Policy

Returns should be requested by email or fax. Return authorization should be requested within in 7 days of receiving the delivery. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Returns are authorized for only the following reason:

  1. If the item delivered is not what the customer requested for
  2. If the item is damaged before the use of the product (See below for more information)
  3. If the item did not fit you. (Conditions apply. See below)
  4. Any other conditions that we may realize is fair.


If the clothes you ordered didn’t fit you, we will provide a suitable size as per your request. A refund will not be issued.
If the item is damaged before use, we can issue a refund or a replacement. If the damage occurs as a direct result of use, we can only authorize a refund or replacement if we find the circumstances fair.

Requesting Refund

Please, provide us with your Invoice No. and Biller’s name and mention the reason you want to return an item. You can request a refund or replacement. You should use the following means to request a refund.